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Many YouTube beginners and enthusiasts, much before starting out, are troubled by a question in mind as to what YouTube equipment or YouTube gear they should use so that they can carry on the YouTube video-making process smoothly and they will achieve success in making a remarkable YouTube channel. If you're one among them, there's nothing unusual. Even though the process of beginning a YouTube channel seems like a complicated one, it shouldn't necessarily be. If you use your own common sense, the starting process will be much smoother and enjoyable.


Before starting out, you need to decide what types of videos you're going to shoot, whether indoor or outdoor. It really depends on your temperament and likeness what locations you prefer most. If your preference is for outdoor shooting during the daytime, you might need a lesser amount of equipment than in indoor shooting. In indoor shooting, most items might include the camera stand, lighting arrangement, sound recording arrangement, and making the space a studio-like condition. All these things also involve a greater amount of investment upfront, which many may not prefer. Because in the beginning one does have no to a string thin budget to manage. So it might be a better proposition how, to begin with, a minimum amount of equipment or to make do with the best with whatever youtube gear you have.

This is the image of Adofys Ulanzi Tripod


Generally, a video creator may be requiring the following equipment for indoor shooting.


  1. Any digital camera with 16 to 20 megapixels resolution. The camera may have a fixed LCD or Flip LCD. The fixed screen point and shoot cameras are usually cheap and perfect for youtube videos. In this case, Sony CyberShot WX 500, Sony HX400V, Canon Ixus185, Canon Ixus 190, etc. make a great choice for cheap ways of indoor and outdoor shootings. If you're interested to know more about the cheap and the best video cameras you can visit the relevant post here.

  2. Monitor for filming.

  3. External microphone corded or wireless.

  4. Stands for Camera and Mics.

  5. Main Light, Accent Light ( Back Ground Light), Ring Light, etc.

  6. Softbox, umbrella light.

  7. Green or Grey Screen.

Post Production:

  1. Computer or Laptop set up with adequate RAM and graphic capability.

  2. Video Editing Software.

The list can still be bigger if you add up some more items. But don't be intimidated by this big list of equipment. I don't discourage you from buying these items. You can. You can buy the items one by one as per your budget when you feel that you can no longer proceed without them. If you will be producing videos on regular basis you will definitely be requiring them sooner or later. But in the beginning, it is not compulsory that you should acquire them in advance then start your YouTube Channel.


It is better to concentrate on the equipment you need most

For an outdoor shooting in a cheap way, you may require most are:

  1. A standard point and shoot camera with 16-20 MP resolution.

  2. A gorilla tripod ( small size) to hold the camera. The amazing thing is that this tripod is an all-in-one type of object. This acts as a tripod, like a gimbal, and can be set up anywhere in a serpentine form. But the price is super cheap, less than Rs.500/-. Alternately you can use a Gimbal like handheld camera holder costing within Rs.2000/-. But don't go for the real Gimbal. These items are way too expensive.

  3. You may require cheap but effective external mics, such as Sony Stereo Lavalier ECM-LV1, Boya BM1 omnidirectional Lavalier, or still cheaper one the Maono Au400 Lavalier Microphones. Cost wise though the Sony Mic is within Rs.2000/-, others are between Rs.500-1000/-.

This is the image of Sony External Mic

For Indoor shooting:

For an indoor shooting in a cheap way, you should not be dismayed by the non-availability of the high-sounding name equipment. Instead, make proper arrangements and make do with the naturally lighted space area as your shooting spot. With the available furniture, you can easily make a studio-like setup with no extra cost, no hassle but with astounding results. Only slight brainstorming is needed to ready the setup. But if you feel that your room or space does not have adequate natural light, you may think of buying a few items like a softbox, umbrella light, green or grey screen, etc. These items are cheap and plentily available on Amazon. But other items like the camera and mic stands are expensive. Another essential item is a mini-size monitor. Though mini, this item is not cheap at all. New beginners can not afford it. But if you have a Flip-screen camera like Sony Wx-500 or any other like that you will never need a mini-monitor. The good thing is that now flip-screen cheap compact cameras will run the shows. All leading camera manufacturers have already started to build such cameras and are available in the market


Some YouTube beginners are often just in a hurry to upload videos to their channels without reviewing and without editing. The decision as to whether or not you want to edit your videos before sharing them on YouTube is yours to make. But one thing you need to remember is that the videos uploaded straight away after recording are considered unfinished products that usually lack the required quality. So it is always advisable that the videos, post-recording, are reviewed and edited so as to maintain their utmost quality. A quality video will certainly bring in more viewers, more subscribers, and more money in the long run.

For editing a video you may need the following equipment:

(i) A laptop or desktop computer with windows from 7 to 10 software, 64 bits, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, and with required graphics or an Apple Mac laptop or computer fulfilling the adequate requirements.

(ii) Video Editing Software

There are quite a good number of premium as well as free software there. As because we are concentrating on the Free, cheap, and easy types of software, we are skipping the details of premium ones.

Free Software.

These are the free video editing software that is talked about most though there are others too. You can explore yourself in case of need.

(i) Light Works

(ii) Video Pad

(iii) Hit Film Express

(iv) Da Vinci Resolve

(v) VSDC Free Video Editor

(vi) Open Shot

(vii) Shot Cut

(viii) Blender

Although these are free, they have some cons with regard to compatibility with the computer setup. However, you may try out Hitfilm Express or Openshot. They are considered to be relatively easy. The Hitfilm Express paid plans are economical and come with thorough video tutorials.

This image is of Filmora Video Editing Software

Another best video editing software is FILMORA. Its interface is very clean and easy too. It has step-by-step video tutorials to guide you. The problem is, it's not totally free. It offers a 30 day trial period and thereafter monthly or annual plan starts. In India, it offers a lifetime license for a one-time fee of Rs.5200/-


Even though YouTube video production involves a large no. of equipment, one can very well begin with a very very minimalistic setup of equipment as below:

(i) A digital camera with a higher resolution of 16- 20 MP at least.

(ii) A Gorilla tripod, small size or a cheap Gimbal.

(iii) Cheap but effective External Mic.

(iv) Video editing software.

(v) A computer or Laptop for editing function.

That's it. You are all set to run a quality YouTube channel successfully with a growing subscribers base and growing income.

Make it a habit, never forget to preview, review and edit each and every video before uploading.


Photo credit head photo: Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

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